Up & over the mountains of sapa

Yes, it was that time of the year again.. I kinda had to.. just had to pack and explore another land. And i was surprise (and impress) with the choice of location. I would have chosen Indonesia *hide face* but Vietnam’s Rice Terrace and recently made friends was too persuasive for me to turn down the offer.

10days, 1 bagpack and poof! 

Before leaving for Hanoi, we did our homework and was warned about the waiting time & perhaps some scams along the way. I would say overall, the waiting time was kind of expected. We spent almost 9hrs on  wooden bench.. yes! you heard read it right. LOL.. what were we thinking? I could say not thinking, actually.. but we just wanted to get there. And we did 🙂 


Sapa is alittle ALOT different than Hanoi. Its cold, cozy and breathe-taking. It takes alot of patience,waiting and energy to get to Sapa. Well before getting to Sapa, you need to take a train to Lao Cai and then a bus to Sapa. It is a hell load of waiting, riding, walking and climbing. But hey! No pain, no gain right? 😉 haha

Upon reaching Lao Cai train station, we were greeted by Mr Danny who Ive engage for a tour with before leaving Sg. He was like a balloon of energy..lol..always so high and smiley. We took a minivan and headed straight for Sapa. and boy! did we start freezing!! after a quick cold shower and some yummy hot bread. Our trekking begin…


The tracks to the rice terrace and the tribes are all structured downwards and was very steep!! Im not exaggerating..I don’t know how the kids or even the tribe ladies was able to make their way down the tracks in slippers! 😮 Most of us was in trek shoes, and as it is..we slip,slide and almost fell. But the tribe ladies made their way down (some with babies on their back) so gracefully! 


We spent about 3-4 hours getting through the rice terrace and to a few tribes & finally ending the day with a nice calming shower in the waterfall ^^ and spending the night with one of the family from the black tribe. We slept on a thin layer of sponge and big piece of cloth..My mom or friends would say its crazy! hahaha but as long as we are safe, it doesnt matter where we sleep. We just needed rest, not a 5-star hotel plus we woke up to this..good deal right? 😀

 ooohhh my gaaawd! to be continued~ raining late for lecture!!



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