Someday <3

Have you seen those really old couples, you know the ones tat look like they have experienced worldwar or something and they’re still holding hands even tho they’re walking really slow and if theres one seat in the train, They wld still let their partner have it.. I sometimes wonder how they got thru all those years loving each other.. It always reminds me of how my granny still sleeps on the right side of the bed cus my grandad slept on the left..

i want tat kinda love..someday 🙂



I’m moving to a place where there is silence
Where a shadow of hurt can’t touch the walls
Where my memories of you are tainted
So tainted that I can’t recall

 I’ve been walking for so long now
I think I know where I am
On my way to a never-ending phase
Just turning, I’m turning

Waiting for reasons to convince me
I should move right there, then go
Coz I keep telling myself I’m almost there
When I’m back to the spot where I started

Just like a clock, I’m stuck

 I’m moving with the tide
I still feel your presence here
hallucinating with closed eyes
Not stopping ’til you disappear

 I’ve been sailing for so long
I think I know where I still am
Spending hours of walking
tossing and turning
away from you

I just wasted time surrounding you

Alittle somthing I found on youtube, hope you enjoye this as much as I did. ❤